About us

Visatex was founded in 1998 in Cocentaina by Vicente Mollá Belda.

With more than 20 years of experience in the home textiles sector, we are a 100% Spanish family business, focused on the design, manufacturing and distribution of fabrics for the home, fashion, health and wellbeing.

We have around 1000 fabric references in stock and more than 7000 for immediate production:

Printings, Jacquards, light curtains, gobelins, fabrics for the hotel industry, resinated as well as high featured fabrics. Also,  bedspreads, duvets, duvet covers, cushions, plaids, tablecloths, curtains...etc, can be produced in any pattern.

Customers, in more than 50 countries, rely on our Fabrics and ready-made products


Our history


Visatex was founded in 1998 by Vicente Mollá Belda, who started his professional activity as a haulier travelling all over Europe.

In the 1990’s, textile activity was highly concentrated in the Valencian Community, specially in the area of Alcoy, Cocentaina, Muro de Alcoy and Bañeres. Being focused mostly on the home textiles industry, textile sector opened up to foreign trade, diversifying its markets progressively.

Thanks to these circumstances, Vicente Mollá decided to change his professional direction and started his textile experience in 1998.

In the beginning, he was involved in buying and selling Fabrics, basically, with a simple pattern book of 4 basic colours, Vicente managed to sell his fabrics successfully. Encouraged by this fact and tired of so much travelling, he decided to open his own textile store in Cocentaina.

Friendliness, empathy and enthusiasm for the customer are distinctive traits that directly influenced to the growth of this small store, and are still present in our organisation nowadays.


Vicente decides to take a qualitative leap in his business in 1999 , by creating his own designs. With the help of friends, design partners and jacquard professionals, he started developing his own small collection of Jacquard with dyed yarn. Little by little he also introduced Jacquard weaving bases for dyeing, thus expanding the range of products for sale
Subsequently, Vicente Molla decided to set up a textile business in Cocentaina, under the current name of Visatex. A design office was created helping business to grow and a new brand creation.

Visatex begins to differentiate itself within the textile world and to stand out thanks to its designs.


In 2004 his son, Vicente Mollá Busquet, joined the company.
Together, they started to visit the most important textile fairs of the moment, all over the world.

Thanks to the know-how acquired from the sector, Visatex began to diversify its designs, entering the world of printing and finishing processes.

Therefore, development as well as innovation, became the company's leitmotiv.


In 2009, the building where we are currently located, was built.

During the last decade, the Visatex group has been currently defined by creating brands that have served as a guide on the path of product differentiation.


The second generation is currently leading the Company.

Our main secret is to take care of the relationship with the customers. Closeness, the ability to understand, to be in tune and speak the same language, to understand what they think, what concerns them, and to take them into account in the development of our products.

The Company know-how has been carried in the family genes and now it is passed on to the entire Visatex team.

What we do 

Thanks to our experienced business structure, including our own design Department, any type of fabric can be developed with the customised design and quality that best suits the needs of our customers.

We are committed to the latest technological advances applied to textiles, such as digital printing, to offer customised designs,

or special finishes, to improve the performance of our fabrics.

Visatex production capacity is almost unlimited since several partner companies and more than 300 people work directly or indirectly for us.

We attend  the most important textile fairs all over the world, such as:  Heimtextil, Decosit, Evteks, Textil Hogar Premium and  Maison & Object Miami, where we exhibit  our latest designs and fabrics.


Our values act as a compass that guides our actions.


Reinventing ourselves every day,  our processes are constantly evolving in order to anticipate and adapt to the needs of the moment.


What we do, we do it well.


We promote national production , local economy as well as proximity.


We seek sustainability in  each of our  production processes. Visatex, is aware of the need to protect our planet, so we are moving towards a more sustainable future that respects people and environment.


Agility in service and  constant control over delivery times.

Digital transformation

We work  in order to adapt to new digital scenarios.

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